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Why choose print?

Why print advertising still works in a digital age

At Aurora Print Solutions we still believe in the power of print. While the number of handheld devices (such as tablets) grows every year, there is still significant evidence that print advertising is more effective and rewarding.

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It's true that digital advertising is beneficial. In fact, readers who consume both print and online are more aware of ads and, consequently, have better brand recall. But we believe digital advertising is a supplement to print advertising and not a replacement.

Recent studies have shown that physical manipulation (such as scrolling) distracts our focus from what we are reading and the lack of physical dimension also seems to interfere. Multimedia features such as links, videos, and animation also tend to distract and leave little room for imagination to come into play.

The result is a "smaller footprint" for digital advertising; people do not fully absorb digital media in the way they absorb print media information.

People absorb print advertising in a linear and user-controlled manner and tend to stay longer on a page and are more relaxed and leisurely than those who are reading on a tablet or laptop. Digital users are more likely to "skip" or search for the close button and move on to the next page.

It's clear to us that print is still the choice for effective advertising. Contact us today to discuss how we can put the power of print to work for you!


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